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Buyers looking for a home to purchase:

For home buyers, Sharon will listen to your wants and needs and search diligently for the home of your dreams.  You won’t have to spend hours searching the internet with Sharon on your team. Because Sharon has such broad experience with all kinds of real estate, she can help you find the perfect property, whether a private home, apartment, apartment complex or multi-family building. Look no further than Sharon R. Frank for experienced real estate service.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial real estate services include retail, office, warehousing and industrial spaces as well as multi-family dwellings.  Whether you are the property owner or the business seeking a space, Sharon can use her years of experience to help you buy/sell, lease or rent as efficiently as possible.  Sharon’s experience includes building on vacant land as well as all aspects of marketing, coordination, negotiation and more.  When you need someone to get the job done in an efficient and time and cost-effective manner, call Sharon.

A Checklist for First-Time Homebuyers

Here are four things you’ll need (and two things you won’t) when you’re ready to switch from renting to owning.


You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Moving isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. Aside from the physical process of shifting everything you ow into a new space and/or paying people to do so, there are many other factors to consider, such as budget, location, and (perhaps most importantly) your sanity. But the challenges are worth the struggle if you’ve reached the point where relocation truly is best for you.