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A homeowner who wishes to sell your home:

For sellers, Sharon will qualify your buyers, market and advertise your home, show your home and negotiate on your behalf.  You’ll save time and money by having an experienced real estate professional handling all the details because you’ll avoid unqualified buyers and false starts by having it done right the first time. Sharon’s experience with all types of real estate transactions, sales and rental properties makes her uniquely qualified to screen potential tenants so you can avoid the headaches of poor tenant relations later on.

 Commercial Real Estate Services

Commercial real estate services include retail, office, warehousing and industrial spaces as well as multi-family dwellings.  Whether you are the property owner or the business seeking a space, Sharon can use her years of experience to help you buy/sell, lease or rent as efficiently as possible.  Sharon’s experience includes building on vacant land as well as all aspects of marketing, coordination, negotiation and more.  When you need someone to get the job done in an efficient and time and cost-effective manner, call Sharon.


6 Surefire Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home

Most people don’t plan on living in their first (or second or maybe even third) home forever, but knowing when the time is right to put that baby on the market can be tricky.In fact, it can feel kind of like breaking up with a longtime boyfriend or girlfriend.