Realtor. Entrepreneur. Mother. Author. Speaker. Philanthropist.

Sharon R. Frank is a professional real estate broker and developer whose whole-hearted service has yielded continuous success. For Sharon, real estate is more of a lifestyle than a career. When your profession is carried out with love and becomes a part of your being, meticulous attention to detail and success are sure to follow. In her 23 years of extensive service in the real estate industry, her successes have been tremendous. Her dedication to serving the needs of her clients with the utmost professionalism, world-class customer services and unwavering attention to detail have served her and her clients well.

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As a mother of two adult children, a son and a daughter, she understands the many roles that women play in our society and has been able to successfully balance those roles within her own life. While pursuing a successful career in the real estate industry, she has also fostered a rich and loving family life.

Sharon holds an Associate of Science degree in Business Management, is certified in property management and is also a certified Title Closer and Licensed Real Estate Agent. All through the course of the day while working in real estate she meets people from all walks of life, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. It’s really not work to her because she loves the real estate business, and knows it like the back of her hands. What she likes even more than real estate is meeting people as she moves through her day, hearing their stories, connecting with them and forming relationships with them.  

Sharon is happiest and most productive when she is living out her core values of faith, giving back, community advocacy and empowerment. Her life’s journey has brought her through varied trials, and she now feels centered and vibrating with clarity of thought and peace of mind because she is living as her authentic self.  She continues to grow these values and principles as she further develops in her relationship with God and works toward becoming the woman she is destined to be through the Holy Spirit.

Brand Values

These are the ruling principles of my business, how I leads, and how I serve.


Her conversations with God every morning help her shape and plan her day


Family time and family relationships are very important to Sharon


Sharon is passionate about empowering people, especially women and minorities to become their best selves


Sharon wants every person that she works with to feel heard, cared for, and empowered


What you focus on grows. One needs to walk the walk in addition to talking the talk.


Always striving to create harmony and equity between her personal life and her professional career.

So, Why Work with Sharon?

Sharon is passionate about empowering women. She takes it as a personal mission to help them become the best version of themselves and realize their true life’s purpose. She shares her messages of professional development, women’s empowerment and faith-based values with audiences all of ages at business conventions and conferences, women’s groups, as well as real estate conventions and seminars.