The National Prayer Book is written for such a time as this

This is a powerful, timely and impactful book written by women praying for the world, our countries, governments, families, churches, communities and everything under the sun.

It is our prayer that everyone who reads this book will feel the  anointed, powerful prayers coming from the pages of this book, that it will reach the four corners of the earth and that every prayer will be answered and lives will be changed. 

God will use the answered prayers as testimonies that He still answers prayers and people will know that prayer still works.

“I am super excited to announce the pre-launch of The National Prayer Book that I was privileged to co-author with Best-Selling Author Tenaria Drummond-Smith and other authors from around the nation.”

Sharon R. Frank

For Sharon Frank, the real estate industry is a place where she can act as a fierce advocate and an astute problem solver for various individuals.She is a professional real estate broker and Real Estate Developer who achieves continuous success through whole-hearted service in the field. In her 23 years of service, she has worked extensively in the real estate field and her successes have been tremendous. She is dedicated to serving the needs of her clients with the utmost professionalism, world-class customer services and unwavering attention to detail.

As a full-fledged Expert realtor, entrepreneur, contributing columnist and Philanthropist, Sharon craves to foster the quality of lives through active participation and commitment working with various non-for-profit community base organizations that serves the under-served, women and families in Crisis. She is the former Vice President of the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity, Nassau County, N.Y., she currently serves in an advisory capacity for various non-for-profit organizations, she however  speaks at various business conventions and conference for businesses, women, as well as real estate conventions and seminars.

Sharon is passionate about empowering women-she  takes it as a personal mission to help them become the best version of themselves and realize their true life’s purpose.

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