Need to kick off your annual conferences or retreats, conduct a breakout session or inspire your women-led organization? Sharon’s topics are designed to help women become the best version of themselves and fulfill their true life’s purpose
Becoming: A Journey to Personal Development

When you make an active decision to begin your own journey of personal growth and development, you’ve taken the first step towards a better and brighter future, although your journey is yours to travel alone their are tools to help you along
the journey.

The Power of Your Purse: Financial Freedom for Women

One of the ways we as woman can take control of our lives is by taking control of our purses, we can do this by leveraging our feminine powers of intuition,  creativity and empathy to build personal wealth and experience financial freedom.

Maximizing Your Potential

We all were born with potiential on the inside of us….

Your potential is like soil it must be work and fed to produce fruit, when you learn how to maximize your potential it gives you the confidence to release the God-given gifts and talents trapped within you. Now your potential works differently or opposite from talent or skills, once cultivated it must be extracted or withdrawn the more you use, the greater it grows.

Winning in Real Estate

Real estate this said to have made more millionaires than anything else for those who have successfully made money in it, it is not hard to see why with so many ways to grow wealth investing in real estate, there are plenty of opportunities for many different people with different skills and talents to be successful, make money and improved their financial position in meaningful way

"Your personal development is a transformational process where improvement can be made in your physical, emotional, intellectual spiritual, social and or financial state, My goal is to help women improve and empower themselves by discovering where their full potential lies."

- Sharon R. Frank

So, Why Work with Sharon?

Sharon is passionate about empowering women. She takes it as a personal mission to help them become the best version of themselves and realize their true life’s purpose. She shares her messages of professional development, women’s empowerment and faith-based values with audiences all of ages at business conventions and conferences, women’s groups, as well as real estate conventions and seminars. 

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Engagements Include